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C/C++ allows us to avail of native device capabilities and is preferred for the development of solutions that are closely knit with and build upon low-level functionality: sophisticated GPU-driven apps, complex parallel computing, multiple embedded and desktop



.NET is a universal technology for the Windows-based desktop, web, and mobile environment, and now with Xamarin its power has been reinforced to encompass mobile cross-platform projects. Softeq has a proven .NET competency to develop highly productive enterprise web and desktop apps, as well as lightweight and nimble mobile solutions.



The Qt framework is the #1 technology for our desktop application development team and a winning choice for the majority of cross-platform solutions with compelling, visually rich UIs, as well as for many embedded projects for screen-enabled devices and connected solutions.



Driven by the open-source principles and harboring Linux kernel under the hood, Android has become a go-to platform not only for mobile projects, but also for an endless array of custom Android-powered devices. We have both Java and C/C++ acumen to handle Android projects on the app- and kernel levels.


Firmware Development

Firmware development services for building embedded devices. Our firmware development services are available disparate OS platforms and hardware architectures like ARM, STM32,  NXP, Texas Instruments and others.



We can worl on Linux Kernal familys any operating systems. we can work on nay linux Libraries. and single board computer systems.

Linux also runs on embedded systems, i.e. devices whose operating system is typically built into the firmware 

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