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Embadded System Service

We are one of the few global firmware developers who have proven skills and diverse expertise in firmware and embedded software design.

High Quality Firmware Development Services

We are the company that has the in-house resources and capabilities to create powerful hardware and sophisticated firmware from scratch as well as perform complex machine to machine integration leveraging the experience we have accumulated completing challenging technical tasks in dozens of projects for various industries.

Sensor Control

Anjaneya’s unmatched embedded software design expertise complements advanced hardware engineering skill to secure exceptional sensor development capabilities in house. Creating sensor-enabled solutions from the ground up, we provide firmware for sensor systems as well as sensor data acquisition apps to empower high-precision real-time data logging


Aiming to boost efficiency, security and mobility, Anjaneya helps develop motor control applications for any type of equipment, machinery, smart home systems, multicopper and UAVs. Our firmware engineers are experienced in working with battery-powered apps, Steeper, induction and servo motors, permanent magnet synchronous motor, switched reluctance motors, and others.

Anjaneya implements novel product ideas powered by efficient DSPs and DSCs. Our  clients can up the ante on their operational processes, business efficiency and industry standards by building with us advanced industrial control and automation systems, complex surveillance and healthcare apps, entertainment, sports and leisure solutions, and more.

DSP Software

Domain Proficiency

our project experience, personal skills and continuous R&D efforts we’ve garnered valuable expertise in a number of domains, hardware types, and application areas

  • Embedded Linux based solutions

  • Firmware for various electronic devices

  • Data exchange between devices

  • Microcontroller programming

  • Digital signal processing

  • HID device design with HMI

  • M2M Solutions and Connected Devices

  • System-on-chip embedded software

  • Storage device firmware

  • Microcontroller programming

  • Cross-platform software development

  • Drivers and BSP (Windows, Linux, mobile platforms)

Let's  Get  Started!

Drop us a message and we’ll be in contact with you soon to discuss your requirements and provide you with precise estimate.

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