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Web Application Development

We create interactive, user-friendly, high-performance, well-integrated web applications and solutions, both “standalone” or as part of a multi-level system, that help companies solve everyday business tasks and overcome challenges of the digital era. Anjaneya carefully takes you through every step of the web development process — from specification and prototyping stages to deployment and ongoing support.



We create functional eCommerce solutions (online stores, auctions, marketplaces, etc.) that draw on the latest trends in electronic payments, mobile commerce, and eCommerce enablement.


Enterprise Web

We deliver enterprise web apps, web portals and online services in the areas such as content and knowledge management, eCommerce, business intelligence, workflow management and more.


Web Portals

We develop web portals for businesses in a variety of domains news and media, e-Commerce, eLearning, Manufacturing and more delivering smart interfaces for web and mobile client and powerful backend.


Content Management Solu

We build content centric system ECM, ETL DSM,RIA & Web App. that easily process huge body of heterogeneous digital assets while providing flexible editorial tools, an excellent UX and bulletproof security.


End-to-end ETL Solutions

We create advanced solutions to seamlessly retrieve and process data from hardware systems, devices and electronic data sources, and make them available for applications and users on the web.


Web Back-ends for Mobile

We build advanced back-ends enabling data processing and complex business logic execution for mobile business applications, entertainment apps and enterprise mobility solutions.

Ensuring Web App Security

We have rich experience developing secure systems, including enterprise-level line-of-business web solutions where data sensitivity is mission-critical. Softeq's architects deliver secure multi-tier architecture, including that in Azure, for your client-server apps. Despite the level of ambitions and the business purpose your app pursues, we aim to follow the best practices of secure web development, including the following:

  • Default SSL usage (providing an SSL certificate)

  • Using cookies securely

  • Preventing XSS injections

  • Separating permissions by user groups

  • Closing unused ports and turning off unused services

  • Securing the web server instance and other instances on the same network with strong password

  • Avoiding to create SQL statements by concatenating strings that involve user input

Full-cycle Web Development Services 

  • EXPERT TEAM. The development team is led by seasoned software architects, web application developers and business analysts with 6 to 12 years of hands-on experience.

  • MATURE PROCESSES. We mitigate risks by driving complex long-term projects in line with proven methodologies, including Agile (SCRUM) and RAD, as well as such “classical” software development process framework as RUP​


  • QUALITY CONTROL. Our QA department participates in the development process since the earliest stages to ensure comprehensive testing coverage and accurate quality assessment

  • FLEXIBILITY & TRANSPARENCY. We offer our clients a full range of engagement models to suit their business needs and project objectives


Featured Projects


It  is Diamond Brutting Machine Projects. which include  firmware programming, custome desktop application development.


Its a rough diamond scanning and generate  geometrical 3D shape,and analays multiple planning will be getting an optimal polishing plan and maximum value based on Carat weight, Cut and symmetry, as well as Clarity

IOT Project

We have done IOT Projects like

send CNC Grbl file from mobile app to cnc machine. you can operate CNC machine from you mobile app . we work on both mobile app and IOT using raspberry pi .

Planner Machine

Its a rough diamond scanning information and generate  geometrical 3D shape,and analays multiple planning will be getting an optimal polishing plan and maximum value based on Carat weight, Cut and symmetry, as well as Clarity

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