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Qt Development

Having a two-decade long track-record, Qt continues forging ahead reinforcing its position of a powerful cross-platform technology for crafting compelling, visually rich UIs and applications for a gamut of platforms.

Qt Cross-platform Development

With hands-on skills in C++ and a natural impetus to lock in more productive results, Softeq enthusiastically took up the role of a Qt developer years ago. Built of a comprehensive ecosystem of libraries and development tools, this advanced framework stands ‘head and shoulders’ above other rival technologies. Qt has been invaluable to Softeq’s software engineers in helping develop the most rewarding user experience by supporting impressive data visualization, fine 3D object rendering along with native-looking and fast-performing software solutions designed for some of the hottest industries that are currently on the surge.

  • UI enabled Smart Home device ecosystems

  • UI enabled embedded systems

  • Streaming systems, walkie-talkies, IPTV

  • Computer utilities (e.g. calculators, text editors, players)

  • Messengers

  • Mobile and desktop clients

  • Graphic tool plug-ins

  • Linux driven UI enabled apps

Multiple Devices Technology

Written once, the Qt driven source code base lends itself to excellent reuse on a dozen of most popular platforms, including mobiledesktopembedded, as well as connected devices, with just a tidbit of minor tweaks required to bring the resulting UI to completion.


Compelling native look and feel on:

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows 10 Mobile



Powering UI-driven embedded systems:

  • VxWorks

  • QNX


Suitable for customized mobile experience on

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Linux


Suitable for customized mobile experience on:

  • Sailfish

  • Tizen

  • Ubuntu Touch


Exhaustive Toolset for UI-enabled Connected Devices, Desktop & Cross-Platform Applications


Qt Development for the Internet of Things

Qt is perfectly tailored for creating connected objects. For our team of seasoned software developers, electronics engineers, and embedded programmers, which proudly holds the Top IoT Developer title, this framework is the go-to toolchain for implementing seamlessly connected, clearly communicating, and intuitive IoT solutions. The technology allows wireless sensor-enabled devices to upload data into the Qt Cloud, which can be accessed and managed from any gadget in the loop — a mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, or browser. The unifying feature is a scalable UI written in Qt/C++, which is reused for each client within the connected ecosystem.

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